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Fresh Cut Presents YUI Niceforms

Fresh Cut is proud to present YUI Niceforms (v0.1), an easy to use and highly configurable YUI plugin to give most form controls a modern look that is consistent across all major browsers. Based on Niceforms by Lucian Slatineanu.


  • Using YUI Niceforms is as easy as adding the class “ynf” to your form.
  • Small JS and CSS files – 5kb gzipped.
  • Only images are a 15kb .png sprite and a blank.gif.
  • Very simple to customize. .PSD file included for easy skinning.
  • Support for all major browsers: IE6+, FF2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Chrome 1+
  • CSS3 resize support (a few more tiny .pngs are served to equipped browsers).
  • Methods for forms and controls that have been appended via script.
  • Fires “click” event for checkboxes, radio inputs, and buttons.
  • Executes inline onchange handlers for replaced select elements.
  • Custom YUI “selectChange” event for faux-select elements.

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