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YUI Slideshow 2.0 Out Now!

After over a year since the first release, YUI Slideshow is back with version 2.0!

YUI Slideshow is a YUI3 Gallery module that allows you to create customizable, animated slideshows from images or any other HTML. Use the built-in transitions or create your own!

Major improvements in 2.x include:

  • Added proper events, including “previous”, “next”, “pause”, “play”, “slide”, “timeout”, “hoverpause”, and “hoverplay”.
  • The “interval” configuration attribute can now accept an array of timing settings, so you can have different slides show for different periods of time.
  • Module now extends the YUI3 Widget class.
  • Anim module replaced by Transition module.
  • Added pagination support.
  • Added next(), pause(), play(), and previous() methods.
  • Added pauseOnChange and pauseOnHover options.

We received a lot of great feedback from the community on the previous version, and tried to cover all the use cases that weren’t addressed before. Give the new release a try, and let us know what you think!